what would emma pillsbury wear?

As an elementary school teacher, being a role model is part of my job description.  Fifth grade girls pay attention to fashion and are highly influenced by television and their peers.  So every morning, when I'm deciding what to wear, I ask myself the same questions.  Is this too short?  Too tight?  Too low cut?  I wear a tank under everything.

But I also want to look good.  I, too, am interested in fashion (duh, who isn't?)

That's where Emma Pillsbury comes in.  She sends the message that women (and girls) can be fashionable yet conservative.  So now when I enter my closet, I ask myself just one question: what would Emma Pillsbury wear?


super cute

super duper cute

When I need new ideas, I turn to wwepw, a website dedicated to Emma Pillsbury fashion and the inspiration for this post.  It contains lots of pics, plus ideas to get Emma's look on a budget.  For that, my wallet thanks you.  

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  1. Love it, especially the "super cute" ensemble! I don't watch glee, but I'll def be pinning some fashion finds from this website. Thanks for sharing!