does spelling count?

One of my favorite questions my kids ask is, "Does spelling count?" (insert internal groan here).  Telling them that spelling always counts doesn't really seem to get my point across, so instead I've been searching for real life situations of spelling gone wrong.  I quickly found that the possibilities are endless....

I've always wanted to become mist.

I can't even comment on this one.

Oh man, my students are going to go crazy for this one!  Poo wins out every time.

Learn our language.  No excetions.  Excet this one.

I'd really like to ask this Brenda chick what she bought that made her co-workers love her enough to buy her a cake.

When I post these in my classroom, hopefully my students will get the point.  If not, at least I'll get a laugh each time I see these hanging on the walls!

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