the bachelorette: emily, week 6 recap

One-on-One with Travis
Emily and Travis go sightseeing in Croatia.  Emily is bummed because Travis won't take his shirt off.  Emily and Travis go to dinner.  Travis' voice is higher than Emily's.  Emily makes Travis spill his guts and then friend-zones him.  Travis dramatically throws his umbrella and then cries.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel...
Ryan discusses Travis but is really talking about himself.  All the guys except Ryan are picked for the group date, meaning Ryan gets the next one-on-one.  Arie is pissed and Doug is jealous.  Ryan is happy because he can "manipulate any situation and get any girl."

Group Date
All the guys pretend to be interested in the new Disney movie, Brave.  Doug, once again, reminds everyone that he has a son.  Emily makes all the guys wear kilts (and actually, they look pretty good!)  Doug is not sure if they are in Croatia or Scotland.  Chris looks very feminine when he shoots the arrow!  Wow.    Sean breaks the log, impressing Emily and furthering my prediction that Emily wants a real man.  Does Emily have to hug each guy after every attempt?  That would be annoying.  Chris comes in last place and wins the bravery cup.

After date drinks
Arie is nervous because he hasn't seen Emily since London (which was the last time anyone saw her).  Emily wants to walk really slowly so they don't rejoin the other guys.  Then, they share a passionate kiss straight out of a romance novel.  Jef insists he's not playing hard to get.  He's actually secretly into her.  Chris tells Emily he will love her forever.  FOR-EV-ER.  Anyone else notice he looks like a bobblehead when he talks?  Emily kisses every guy on the group date, and gives the rose to Chris.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel...
Ryan wakes up every morning and says, "Ryan, who do you want to be today?"  He actually picks himself.  Wow.

One-on-One with Ryan
All the guys wear their sweatshirts unzipped with their hoods up. Chris confesses that Ryan shaves his legs and plucks his finger hairs.  Ryan attempts to show off and screws up royally.  Awkward!

Ryan is a very safe driver.  Emily may not feel safe, but he doesn't get in accidents.  (I totally understand what he was saying there.  The same goes for my driving).  Ryan reminds Emily that he is trouble.  Everyone in Croatia honks as they pass him for driving too slow.  Emily hates oysters.  Ryan tells Emily he wants a trophy wife.  Emily dresses like a trophy to dinner.  Ryan tells her he wants a trophy wife five more times.  Then he pulls a long list of "must haves" for his future wife.  Emily dumps him.  Ryan tries to talk her out of it.  Then he puts her down for her decision.  Emily doesn't buy it and puts him in his place.  You go, Emily!  Ryan thinks the guys will miss him.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel...
The guys cheer and high-five that Ryan is gone.  Arie sneaks to Emily's hotel Courtney-Robertson-style and tells her she made the right decision.  Then they kiss.

Rose Ceremony
John opens up and shows Emily a secret in his wallet.  Doug cries about his son.  Emily second-guesses herself.  John hates rose ceremonies.  Finally, Emily takes Ryan's advice and keeps all the guys.

Next stop: Prague!  
Maybe if you are good, I will make you a map for next week too. ;)

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