my team is cuter than yours

Honestly. I just don't understand football fans these days. The Patriots have proven themselves as one of the greatest teams in the NFL. And yet, it seems everyone outside of Patriots Nation has an irrationally bitter hatred for all things New England.

I have thought long and hard about this dilemma and have come up with the ONLY possible explanation. And no, it has nothing to do with cheating. Because everyone cheats at some point in their life. Everyone. This reason is the truth. God's honest no-way-you-can-dispute-it truth. Here it is. All the haters are jealous of how good looking our team is. Check out the research.

Tom Brady. Hot. Hands down the hottest qb in NFL history. Don't believe me? Let's compare him to the other qb's out there.

I like Peyton Manning. I think he's a talented player. I tried to find a good photo of him, but I couldn't. Because there isn't one. Definitely not.

Ben Roethlisberger. Not hot. Picture speaks for itself.

There are some quarterbacks that are good looking.

Drew Brees and Mark Sanchez. Sorta hot. But combine Brady's talent with his looks and he is way out of their league. Sorry dudes.

Let's move on.

Rob Grownkowski. Hot. Nice smile, nice abs, nice haircut. This guy is a perfect 10.

Larry Fitzgerald. I really just don't understand this look at all. Dreadlocks are not hot.

Aaron Hernandez. Wow. Look at that smile. And the dimples. And the biceps. Hot.

Not many guys can rock a stache like Wes Welker. Or catch like him. Hot.

Seriously Aaron Rodgers? Not. I don't know one woman that enjoys a fu man chu.

Sunday night's star, Shane Vereen. Hot. Check out those pearly whites.

Even our defense is hot. Just look at the eyes on our most badass player, Vince Wilfork. What a teddy bear.

Jared Allen. Nice mullet.

And there you have it. Tedy Bruschi takes the crown. Even our retired roster is supremely handsome. There really is no comparison. Hands down, the Patriots are by far the best looking team in the NFL. All you haters can only pray that one day you will look as good as them.

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