fractions top down web

This year the Common Core added multiplying and dividing fractions to our list of standards.  The hardest part of fractions (besides overcoming the inevitable panic attack that accompanies them) is remembering which operations require a common denominator and which don't.  So I made this handy-dandy top down web to use as a resource.

Since were are well into the year, my class is well on their way to making their own top down webs.  So we did the addition portion together and then I let them create the rest.  I allowed them to choose where to place "simplify" in the multiplication and division sections since some wait until the end while others simplify within the problem.

Now whenever we review fractions, the kids pull out their web and review the steps.  Good luck and let me know how it goes if you try it.  Did it help?  Did you make changes?

Psst!  You can download a printer-friendly version, here, at my TeachersPayTeachers site.  Oh yeh, and it's FREE.

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