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Well, it's almost Thanksgiving and that means the Christmas season is in full swing.  I'm not gonna lie.  I am that girl that frantically finds the radio station playing Christmas music right after Halloween.  (It's 96.1 if you're in the Boston area by the way.)

This year, my lil sister and I are planning to go shopping on Black Friday. For the first time.  We are so. excited.  We are going to the outlets where I'm sure it will be just as crazy as any Walmart.

Speaking of Black Friday, I was in the local Kmart yesterday checking out Christmas decorations.  (I am not really a Kmart shopper, but I noticed they had wreaths on sale for $6.99.  Target sells similar ones for $10 and I cannot resist a bargain.  Plus there's one right down the street.)  So there I was, checking out all the decorations when I came upon this what-I-thought-was-an-amazing-pre-Black-Friday deal!  I love these reindeer lawn decorations.  And they are HALF OFF!  Buttttt, then I went online to check out their sales for Black Friday.  And I discovered that they are going to be the same price next week....half off.  


Wait a second.  


Then (it gets better) I noticed toys advertised as $15 "from 6-9am Black Friday only blah blah" but in the store they were already marked $15.  Is this going on everywhere?  Are the deals not really deals?  I can feel a conspiracy theory coming on....

On a more positive note, check out this ugly sweater....for a dog!  So awesome.  My family has had an ugly sweater 80's puff paint christmas sweatshirt party for years and this sweater would be perfect.  If only this came in super extra german shepherd size....

Final thought for all my fellow New Englanders:  tomorrow is going to be in the 50's!!  Perfect day to finish raking leaves or putting up Christmas lights before it gets too cold.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!!

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