This week, I had another awesome conversation with the 1st grader I tutor.

We're in the middle of completing some addition problems, when suddenly he stops and asks, "Have you or any of your students ever peed their pants in school or at home?"
(I love how he included me in the question).

I respond, "Well none of my students have in class, but I don't know if they have ever done it at home.  Why do you ask?"

1G says, "Well, I've never peed in my pants in school, but I've done it at home a couple times.  One time, I was with my friends, but they didn't notice."

I replied, "Oh well that's good.  But, you know, if they are nice friends, they won't care if you pee in your pants."

To that, 1G responds, "Yeh.  I told my best friend, and he said he does it all the time.  So does his grandma."

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