Elf on a Shelf

The last few weeks, I have been struggling with behavior management. I have a tough group of kids that test the boundaries and my usual techniques haven't been working this year. So I decided to try the age-old parenting technique of positive reinforcement (and by that we all know I really mean bribing). Enter Elf on a Shelf.

Stewie, as we named him, arrived today from the North Pole. When the kids came in from their morning special, some opened their desks to find a surprise inside.

The kids still had not spotted Stewie on his shelf. But they joined me on the rug with their treats while we read the book. Afterward, they found him on a shelf. He had stolen a snack and the owner didn't even notice!
The kids were really into it. I'm talking, SUPER excited not to mention well-behaved. And what do you know? Everyone with a messy desk found time to clean it today!! Parents, I think you may have found something in this whole bribing thing. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

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