the i'm-sick-of-giving-quizzes 13 colonies quiz

I really didn't want to give a boring old memorize-the-13-colonies-there's-a-quiz-Friday quiz, but I did want to quiz them on the colonies.  So instead I posed the following scenario:

Imagine you are a mapmaker.  You were just hired by the King of England to create a map of the 13 colonies.  You have the correct shape of each colony and some rough reference maps to guide you.  Your job is to put the colonies together to make the first official map of the 13 colonies of the New World.

The kids worked very hard on this project.  And physically putting each colony in place was way more beneficial than trying to memorize their location.

Here is a finished map.  After they glued the colonies together, they labeled each colony and then color coded it by region.

Way more fun than a boring old quiz, right?

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