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Each year, my students must write me a letter in order to apply for their classroom jobs.  Whether or not I hire a student for a particular job depends on their strengths (which is why I don't hire them until a few weeks into the school year).

The letter is supposed to state why the student wants the job as well as why I should hire them.  

This is one of my favorite times of the year because I always get one or two hilarious letters.  I will share a couple in hopes that you get a few laughs as well!

1) Planet Fitness Enthusiast
Dear Mrs. E,
I would like to apply for the chair putter-upper because I love putting up chairs and it's always a good time.  I also want this job because I like to pick chairs up and put them down.  I would like this job because it's a blast!  I just don't know why I like chairs but I like them.

2) Personal Offender
Dear Mrs. E,
I would like to apply for the Banker position.  I would be great at this job because I'm good at reminding people things.  Like at the grocery store, I always have to remind my mom to get ice cream.  I don't know why she would forget that because who doesn't like ice cream?  (I'm really sorry if you don't like ice cream so I offended you because I made that comment).  But really, who doesn't love ice cream?

3) Olympic Gold Medalist
Dear Mrs. E,
I would like to apply for the trash position.  I promise I will not forget to do this job every morning and afternoon.  I know you have been teaching for awhile, but if I get this job I will be the best trash person ever in the history of the world!

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