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At the end of last year, I decided to make a change.  A big change.  I decided to leave the school where I have worked for the past 6 years, the school that gave me my first teaching job.  It was a wonderful school with amazing teachers, but, as my mentor put it, I was given wings and now it's time to fly.  

The start of this school year marked a new beginning as well as fresh challenges.  I had to learn a new culture, recreate a new classroom, and meet  many  MANY new faces.  At first it was never know if the grass is going to be greener.  But as hectic as the last six weeks have been, it has been wonderful!  My team is awesome, the kids are great (but I already knew that), and the administration and parents are soooo supportive.

One of the most exciting new challenges I have this year is implementing the Daily 5 into my daily routines.  I have been reading about the Daily 5 from many of you bloggers out there, and so I'm very excited to have the chance to try it out myself! 

We have been working hard on Read to Someone for the last couple weeks.  Yesterday, my class teamed up with Miss G's kindergarteners to introduce our weekly Reading Buddies.  

During Library, each of my students picked out a picture book they felt their kindergarten Reading Buddy would enjoy.  Then they practiced reading aloud during Daily 5 this week.

My 5th graders were soooo excited to meet their buddies.  As the oldest members of the school, they really stepped up as role models: greeting their buddies and making them feel comfortable, and practicing good expression when reading.  Many of them also found they had a lot in common with their buddy!

I hope everyone has a great long weekend!  And don't forget to head on over to Principal Principles and share your blog!  I'd love to check out what's going on in your classroom!

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