happy 90th day

It boggles my mind how fast this year has gone by.  I mean, I know today was the 90th day, but I just can't believe it.  We are already halfway done.  We are at the top of the hill.  All we have to do is descend.  And hop over those huge boulders called PARCC and MCAS on the way, but seriously.  Quit raining on my parade over here!

When it comes to classroom supplies, I am not a huge spender.  I know that lots of teachers spend hundreds of dollars every year, but I just cannot seem to wrap my head around it.  However, I will admit that I can't help myself when I am near a dollar store.  Something takes over and I get this overwhelming sense of MUST BUY HOLIDAY PENCILS (insert zombie voice).  Last week they had both Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.  Check and check.

Of course, now that I have holiday pencils, I have to find an excuse to give them out.  I like to give out pencils on a fairly regular basis in case kids are running low and can't replace them.  Also, the whole eraser issue.  So I decided to celebrate the 90th day this year.  Nothing big.  Some cheers.  A little yes I'll miss you next year too's, and of course, lots of pencils.  And homework passes.  Oh how they were excited about the free homework passes.

Tell me.  Have you reached the 90th school day yet?  Did you celebrate?

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