slim down saturday (on sunday...again)

Welp.  This week began well.  I played soccer on Sunday night and did Insanity on Tuesday.  Then I woke up on Wednesday morning with a cold that has lasted through today.  Needless to say, I have not worked out since Tuesday.  

But two days is better than no days right?!  

I still have a lingering cough but will be going to my soccer game tonight anyway because I refuse to miss!  Nick plays on the team with me and it's the highlight of our weekend.  Plus it means I'll be starting the new week off with one workout under my belt.  

So, I am linking up with Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust for another edition of Slim Down Saturday.  Here is this week's update:

Last week, I mentioned that I am not weighing myself.  The main reason for this is because my goals are not to lose weight but to gain muscle.  However, I do want to lose some body fat in order for my muscle tone to show.  Gina suggested I keep track of one measurement, and so I have included my waist measurement.  I would say I have about 1/2" to 1" to go!

Wishing everyone luck in their goals this week!


  1. Ugh I know how those colds can get! They get in the way of everything! And yes 2x is better than no times (I only went twice to the gym last week too). I hope this week is better!


  2. So sorry you have not been feeling well. That's great that you already lost.5" around your middle. Good for you. Good luck with your goals for the week!

    Luv My Kinders