the bachelorette: emily, men tell all

Okay, I know.  I haven't recapped in awhile.  One would think that without a full-time job, I would have more time on my hands.  But no, I am still busy, just an unpredictable type of busy.  I am doing things that I normally don't do during the school year:  

1) I had dinner ready when my husband came home TWICE IN A ROW this week, and both meals were edible.


(wait for it)

2) I caught up with the laundry.  YES, I did it!  I really feel like I should earn a medal.   A big, gold one, like what Michael Phelps earns every time he enters a pool.  Seriously, it's on the same level.  I now belong to a very elite club of badass laundry completers.  

But anyway, I digress.  Or brag.  Or whatever you want to call it.  On to more important things: The Bachelorette!

Wow.  Could you feel the love in that room or what?  I couldn't tell who the guys liked more, Emily or each other.  Well, other than Chris and Ryan.  Those two have some serious peacock feathers.  Oh yeah, and Kalon.  What a clown that guy is.  Anyone else notice in the Bachelor Pad previews that he hooks up with Lindzi from Ben's season?  What was she thinking?

But there was one part of the show that I couldn't figure out: Sean's reaction when seeing Emily.  As much as Sean's heart was broken, he was all smiles when he saw her.  And vice versa.  Um, I have NEVER smiled when I have seen my exes.  It could be because they aren't as good looking as Emily (how could you not smile when you see her, she's West Virginia Hoodrat Backwoods Barbie.)  OR it's more likely that the relationship went sour and now I hate you.  

No, I think something's going on here that we don't know about.  I may be blinded by my love for Sean and therefore in denial that he is out of the running, but here's my prediction: she leaves Arie AND Jef and gets back together with Sean.  !!!!!!!!  Okay maybe not.  But he could be the next Bachelor!?  All I know is, this can't be the last we see of Sean on TV, or I will be having words with Chris Harrison.  Don't make me use my teacher voice!

Who do you think Emily will pick on Sunday?

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