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I am happy to announce that I received my first award last week!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Bee Isme at Bee Teaches, Ms. Feuerstack at Fun and Learning in First, and Stephanie at Celebrate First Grade for nominating me.  

If I have passed the award along to you...
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My 7 random facts:

1) My husband and I are both identical twins!  (No, my sister and his brother are not married.)  BUT, my sister also taught 5th grade in VA until she accepted an administrative position this year.  For the past 5 years, our students wrote penpal letters to each other.

2)  I am loving watching the Olympics!  I have taken up the whole dvr with recordings.

3) I live in MA with my hubby and german shepherd, Elan.  He has the biggest ears in the world (my dog, that is, not my hubby).

4) I love to bake.  I swear if I wasn't a teacher, I'd open a cupcake shop.

5) This year, I will be adding Social Studies to my list of subjects to teach.  (I also teach Math, Reading, and Writing.)  I will admit that while I'm excited, I'm also a little nervous: History was my least favorite subject growing up!  I will be learning a lot this year!

6)  I don't drink soda.  I wasn't allowed to have it as a kid and so I don't drink it as an adult either.

7) My birthday is on April Fool's Day.  Everyone always asks me if my mom knew she was having twins or if it was an April Fool's joke.  Obviously she knew, but how crazy would it be if she hadn't??

Finally, I am nominating the following for this award:

Fluttering Through First Grade


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