first day jitters blog hop

Today, I am linking up with Ashley from for her First Day Jitters blog hop.  Before this hop, I had actually never heard of the book, First Day Jitters, but love the idea and plan to use it this year.  I know I have kids who are nervous every year, and what the heck, I'm nervous too!

Three things I am jittery about:

  • This will be my first year teaching Social Studies.  Of all the subjects in school, this was the one I paid the least attention to!
  • Implementing my reading and writing workshops.  This is my third year teaching literacy and I still just don't feel like I am doing it right!
  • My 5th grade team plans to implement flexible math groups this year.  Previously, I have taught math for the whole grade, and so I know it's going to be a big transition year for my colleagues.

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